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About Us

Our Mission and Values

Traditionally, orthodontics is seen as an expensive and difficult treatment option only for the rich and famous, even more so for clear aligner treatments. KIYOCLEAR was born out of a passion to “provide high quality and affordable orthodontic treatment to anyone who requires it and to be able to smile in their own way”.

We believe that having a beautiful smile and improving oral health will positively impact one’s life as one gains confidence.

Our History

KIYOCLEAR is a fully owned clear aligner brand under SheepMedical Pte Ltd. As a Company, our roots in clear aligner treatment started in 2017 and we are currently one of the largest lab manufacturers of clear aligners in Japan. Our commercialised product Kireilign is managed separately via our partner in Japan.

Drawing from the same Japanese technical expertise, relentless commitment and passion to provide high quality clear alignment treatment, SheepMedical has decided to expand into new markets under the new brand identity KIYOCLEAR. With KIYOCLEAR, we continue to follow our Mission in “making high quality clear aligner treatment accessible to everyone”.

Our Network

More than 50% increase in affiliated clinics and hospitals annually across Japan. We are also present in China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, the United States (established Q3, 2021), Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.