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KIYOCLEAR is recommended for patients from ages 14 and above with the suitability assessment conducted by our dentist partners.
Yes, they still can. Please speak to us to find out more.
It is recommended that you wear your aligners for at least 20-22 hours in a day to achieve best treatment results.
Your dentist may recommend that you visit them every 2-6 weeks to ensure that your teeth are moving on track.
Shortening the wearing period than the one scheduled would risk accelerating the mechanism of discoloration, pain, mobility and loss of teeth due to root resorption, gingival recession and pulp damage. Therefore, please adhere to the wearing period specified by the KIYOCLEAR affiliated clinic.

If you are using an expansion plate in conjunction with a mouthpiece, please follow the instructions given by the affliated clinic regarding the duration of wearing the mouthpiece.
KIYOCLEAR’s philosophy is to provide quality treatment at affordable prices. Which is why we are insistent on using extensively researched aligner materials that have demonstrated a consistently high performance throughout your treatment process.
Demonstrated ability to provide a consistent tooth moving force (orthodontic retentive strength) - your teeth is more likely to shift according to plan*

Less initial force at insertion - means less discomfort when you first put on your aligners

Remarkably durable (300% tear strength higher than other materials) - means less likely to crack or damaged** and hence no additional spending for replacement of damaged aligners needed

Stays clear longer - proven to stay clear longer with 87% less staining than other materials over a period of time which means you would not end up with weird yellow aligners on your teeth***
Due to the nature of the thermoplastics used in all clear aligner therapy, the aligner material will weaken over time and hence it is best to change the aligners according to the treatment plan to achieve best results.
As aligners are made from thermoplastics, extreme temperatures (too hot, too cold) from your food or beverages may cause unnecessary damage to your aligners.

Food may get trapped in between your aligners and teeth causing bacteria growth and potentially increasing your risk for developing cavities.

*subjected to compliance of treatment plan **due to improper storage or usage of aligner
This device is used to address the lack of space for the teeth to align. Depending on your condition, your dentist may recommend using this device in combination with your aligners. It creates space by expanding the dentition buccally and uses the space to align your front teeth esthetically

If you are using this device, please be sure to bring it with you every time you visit your dentist.
Unlike traditional braces, where brackets and wires might poke against your gums, lips and tongue, clear aligners apply a gentle force to achieve teeth movement hence achieving a less painful experience.

You may still feel an initial tenderness when you pop in a new set of aligners, this is normal and usually goes away fairly quickly once your aligners starts to do its work.
  • Switch to a new set of aligners at night.
    By sleeping in your new set of aligners, you will have more time to adjust to the fit of the new stage of treatment whilst experiencing less discomfort.
  • Follow your dentist’s instructions for wear
    By following your dentist’s treatment directions and beginning a new set of aligners at the correct time, you will reduce the potential for pain or discomfort, from wearing a set too early or another set too long.
  • Relieve tension on your teeth by chewing on your chewies!
    Chewies not only help in adjusting the fit of your aligners, they can also offer some relief from tension in your teeth by putting pressure on the teeth.
If a cavity with pain develops during treatment, please consult the dentist where you are undergoing treatment. Your dentist will then be able to provide treatment for your cavity with considerations taken for the orthodontic mouthpiece.
Depending on your dentist and the treatment plan, there is a possibility of performing orthodontic treatment without the need of having your wisdom teeth extracted. Please speak to us to arrange for a consultation with a dental professional
KIYOCLEAR mouthpieces are manufactured under the supervision of a dentist and expert dental teams who are highly experienced in orthodontic treatment, so that the maximum degree of movement can be made without affecting the dental health of the patient.

If you are concerned about not seeing any improvement even after you have worn your aligners for 20 hours or more each day, please contact the dental clinic where you are undergoing treatment.