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Natural alignment without wires

Shape your teeth without the pain, discomfort, self-consciousness, and high-maintenance needed with wire-based devices.

High quality at affordable prices

Strong, flexible, clinically-proven aligners that stay clear longer, at transparent prices with zero unnecessary procedures.

Choose your own ideal alignment

Each mouthpiece is personalised to your teeth by Japan-certified dental technicians, designed with your ideal alignment in mind.

Removable for life’s special moments

Have a business pitch, or meeting that special someone? Clear aligners are removable and replaceable, anytime, anywhere.

Treat at your own pace

Enjoy the freedom to progress at your own pace according to your lifestyle, in your journey towards a beautiful smile.

Sustainable to the environment

We only print the necessary aligners for your treatment and not all at once (which may be discarded if they do not fit your treatment plan later)

Applicable Scenarios

Scenarios 1
Scenarios 2
Scenarios 3
Scenarios 4
Diastema(gaps between teeth)
Scenarios 5
Open bite
Scenarios 6
Midline discrepancy
Scenarios 7

Demonstration Cases

Cases 1 6 and a half months
Scenarios 7
Patient presented with an easily correctable diastema
Cases 2 1 year, 1 month
Scenarios 7
Patient presented with crowding, and opted for a natural alignment with additional palatal expansion.
Cases 3 1 year, 3 and a half months
Scenarios 7
Patient presented with multiple conditions, and opted for a natural alignment with palatal expansion and additional interproximal reduction to alleviate severe crowding.

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