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From Advanced Imaging to Quality Engineering

Treatment plan that maximizes the amount of tooth movement using digital technology

KIYOCLEAR maximises the movement distance of your teeth based on a treatment plan designed by our team led by Japan-certified dental technicians with approval from your dentist.

With advanced imaging, your dentition data is captured with precision. This allows us to formulate a treatment plan that finely tunes tooth movement, to as small as 0.5 degrees in movement angle, and 0.05mm in movement distance.

This level of control provided by KIYOCLEAR aligners is not likely to be achieved by wirebased straightening approaches, which are mostly manually adjusted.

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Design-led by your Dentist and our team led by Japan-certified Dental Technicians

With the treatment plan, a team led by Japan-certified Dental Technicians will then proceed to design the mouthpiece under the supervision of your dentist.

Poorly-designed mouthpieces may create insufficient or excessive force on your teeth, causing various undesirable situations to occur, from zero treatment effect, to root resorption which may permanently damage both your teeth and gums, causing loosening and loss.

Armed with both research and clinical data, our team led by Japan-certified Dental Technicians design mouthpieces which are uniquely optimised for your teeth, maximising treatment effectiveness with safety and quality in mind.

Engineered Strength and Flexibility

The KIYOCLEAR mouthpiece is engineered with strength and flexibility in mind, to shape your teeth efficiently via a consistent moving force, while fitting-in seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Compared to other mouthpieces made from other materials, our clinical trials show that our selected material for the KIYOCLEAR personalised mouthpiece minimises the initial pain, while retaining its effectiveness and elasticity over prolonged use.

The KIYOCLEAR aligner also stays clear longer - proven to stay clear longer with 87% less staining compared to other materials over a period of time, which means the aligner is less likely to turn yellow over time, and your smile will retain its natural colour.

Our research, development, and engineering team is always looking into better and more effective materials for the KIYOCLEAR mouthpiece.

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Zero Unnecessary Movements, Shorter Treatment Periods

With wire-based devices, unnecessary tooth movements cannot be avoided due to tensions with other teeth. Additional treatment time becomes needed to correct such unnecessary teeth movement, via multiple visits to adjust, and re-adjust the wires.

With KIYOCLEAR aligners, such counter-movement forces are distributed across the entire dentition, thus we can move only the teeth we want, without moving the other teeth we wish to keep in place. This targeted approach thus enables us to reduce treatment time significantly.