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Having a beautiful and genuine smile is a powerful feeling! Here's how KIYOCLEAR unlocks your beautiful smile.

Promise 1
Retain your natural teeth (with minimal extraction & filing of teeth)
Promise 2
Premium quality at affordable pricing
Promise 3
Choose your own ideal alignment
Promise 4
Removable for life’s special moments
Promise 5
Treat at your own pace
Promise 6
Sustainable to the environment

Your KIYOCLEAR Journey

Journey 1
Set your first appointment
with us
Journey 2
At the dental clinic, you will
be required to complete a
basic medical questionnaire
and dental scans will be taken
Journey 3
Your dentist will conduct a
medical examination with
reference to the 3D scans taken
Journey 4
Your dentist will discuss with you
the proposed treatment strategies
and decide on the dental
procedures that you actually need
Journey 5
Your dentist will confirm your ideal alignment via visualisations
Journey 6
Select a treatment schedule that suits your lifestyle
Journey 7
Complete your treatments and payments at your own pace
Journey 8
Your very own KIYOCLEAR smile is ready!

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